Friday, 1 June 2012

Why Plug & Play Mobile video Surveillance makes logical sense in saving money

The traditional mobile video surveillance solutions on the market today involves a DVR (basically a computer hard-drive) placed under a drivers seat and wires running within side the bulkhead to a fixed camera mounted on the vehicle ceilling. The problem with this approach is that the DVR is hard to access if you need to retrieve the video and their is extra cost for installing (ranging from $150-$250 per vehicle). Also you need the same set-up for every vehicle in your fleet which become extremely expensive. Traditional video technology is quite old now and the picture quality is quite low resulting in details of faces being lost, hence you need to install more cameras. Costs for Traditional mobile video surveillance systems and installation range from $1200 -$2400.

Plug & Play mobile video surveillance solutions (from tt-i) offer fleet managers an alternative modern approach to the problem of mobile video surveillance. Firstly HD quality video gives clean crisp images so nothing is vague and allows for zooming in without image break-up. Plug & Play as its name suggests means anyone can install quickly and easily without technical knowledge. It also means you can move the cameras to other vehicles, thus reducing costs and making your budget go further. If needed you can add more than one camera to a vehicle very easily.

Some Plug & Play solutions include built in screens for easy camera positioning, built in GPS for vehicle tracking, speed monitoring, driver alarm triggers on video, time stamps, motion detection, multiple mounting options such as screen and bulkhead mounts, Video is stored on SD cards which eliminates moving parts and is more reliable than traditional hard-drives and further reduces your costs.These high end solutions start at only $295 for a HD 1 camera solution with built in motion detection and go up-to $899 for the new Buddy BX4000 4 camera package being launched at the end of June 2012.

Technology changes so quickly so why invest in expensive video equipment that in a few years will be out of date i.e hardrives, connectors, GPS, video quality, viewing software etc. With Plug & Play solutions you can have the latest new camera technology every 2-3 years and it will still be cheaper than buying traditional approaches that you are stuck with and as time goes by they become more difficult to support and use.i.e no manufacturer in the world makes video tapes any more, CD's (Hard-drives) are being replaced by digital.

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