Thursday, 27 September 2012

The benefits of Plug & Play mobile video cameras for your fleet
Truly flexible mobile video camera solutions with great savings
We are seeing a growing trend in the school bus transportation market with more and more Transportation Directors switching from the traditional fixed big black box DVR to the flexible plug & play solutions now available on the market.

The traditional mobile DVR is quite large and is usually located under the drivers seat. The cameras are then positioned onto the bulkhead and require fixed wiring behind the bulkhead panels. This adds extra installation costs from $150 - $250 per vehicle. Access to the DVR is difficult since it is located under the driver seat and makes collection of the video data extremely difficult. The DVRs themselves that are offered in the school bus market are based on old technology and firmware and do not capitalize on consumer electronics which have economies of scale savings and the lastest High Definition quality video. Because the DVR is fixed and so are the cameras it means that you have to purchase a system for every vehicle, which gets extremely expensive when these systems start from $1000 - $$2500

Plug & Play mobile video surveillance cameras offer Transportation Directors a number of key benefits. They have High Definition video quality so you don't need as many cameras on a school bus. They can be powered either by the cigarette power socket or wired to the battery so moving them to other vehicles is extremely easy. With different mounting options available you can install bulkhead mounts in every vehicle and move the camera units to vehicles you want to monitor. This means great savings. With solutions using SD Cards, with no moving parts and built into the camera itself you can easy take the SD Card out and view the footage on a PC. Also with cameras with built in screens you can actually see where the camera is pointing and make adjustments as required. With solutions starting from $295 Transportation Directors have a real flexible solution that fits their budget requirements.

tt-i offers the latest in plug & play mobile video surveillance cameras that have High Definition video, GPS, speed, location etc

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